Our Story

The origins of Phil’s Music Exchange date back to 1995 when I was 21 years old and a newlywed to my beautiful wife, Jenny. Now, 27 years later we have two awesome teenage boys, Zach (left) and Philip, II (right).
Both of our sons work within the business, but in different capacities.

Philip, II, works in almost every aspect of our business, including store operations, and is instrumental in helping us properly execute our Record Shows smoothly.

Zach is one of our behind the scenes team members. He works part time writing online sales for our Facebook customers. He is a full time Asst Manager at our local Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

The first incarnation of Phil’s Music Exchange was housed at a local flea market. We did well for quite some time, but I was young & dumb, and had no idea what I was doing, so unfortunately it didn’t last. I loved it, but I couldn’t maintain it.

This is a picture of my first business card for Phil's Music Exchange.

The next 20 years led me on many different paths, including going on disability due to Tourette’s Syndrome & extreme anxiety disorder, becoming a stay-at-home dad, a miraculous healing from Tourette’s & anxiety, and becoming a licensed nurse and natural health consultant.

As I began to get my feet planted, in the world of nursing, I felt God telling me to revisit the idea of Phil’s Music Exchange once again. In the back of my mind I started to envision what this rebirth may look like. Eventually, Phil’s Music Exchange took shape as an online only business, while I continued my work as a nurse and operated my practice as a natural health consultant.

Soon, the business began to grow and grow rapidly! We were very blessed to obtain a strong, local following of music collectors which eventually allowed us to stretch our wings into a local ‘Shop By Appointment’ Storage Store while maintaining a strong online presence. In June of 2020, I made the move from a career in nursing, to the full time entrepreneurship of Phil’s Music Exchange, as well as maintaining my natural health calling with Synergistic Solutions Natural Home Health.

Phil’s Music Exchange would not exist without my dad, Al Sabella. My dad had such a huge entrepreneurial spirit that he passed on to me and I’m forever thankful! He passed away in May 2021 and I miss him more than I can even express…

Dad, thank you for loving me & blessing me the way you did!

I Love You!

I love what I do and I’m honored to be able to do it! I feel like a “year-round” Santa Claus! Our physical stores, our online sales, our record shows, our staff, & how we intentionally operate our business brings joy to customers worldwide and I love that!
This world needs more joy!

I hope you enjoy our website & enjoy your time browsing through it…

Thank you for checking out Phil’s Music Exchange!
Your business is appreciated and valued!