• Professional Disc Resurfacing

    Any CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, or video games, purchased from our store, with hairlines or scratches are professionally resurfaced at check out. We also professionally resurface customer’s personal discs for $3 each which includes disc evaluation, prior to resurface, to ensure the disc media is not damaged.

  • Rentals

    Rentals are $2/night. Rental deposit is the retail price of the disc plus tax. If the disc is returned to the store prior to closing time the next day the appropriate difference is refunded. 

    Ex: A disc is rented with a retail price of $6. The rental deposit is $6 + tax. If the disc is returned prior to close of business the next day the customer is refunded $4 + the appropriate tax. If the customer keeps the disc for three days it is becomes theirs to own.

  • Professional Repair & Restoration of A/V Equipment & Gaming Systems

    We offer professional repair and restoration of a wide variety of A/V equipment including, but not limited to, vintage and modern stereo equipment and gaming systems. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer repair/restoration on speakers, vintage console turntable units, or turn-of-the-century phonographs. 

  • Worldwide Shipping

    We ship around the corner or around the world!

  • International Consolidated Shipping Services From The United States

    This service is offered to our international customers. Shipping outside of the United States is very expensive! We want to help collectors worldwide enjoy their purchases without being inhibited by increasing shipping costs. We offer for international buyers to have all of their US shipments be sent to us and then, when the international customer is ready, we will ship their purchases to therm in consolidated packages for a fee of $10/package. 

    **References Available Upon Request**

  • VHS, 8mm & Super 8 To DVD Transfers

    Professional transfers of your favorite family VHS, 8mm, & Super 8 Tapes to DVD or other digital sources. 

  • Layaway Services

    $100 Minimum Purchase